Remote Training


Remote training is a great option for anyone wanting the benefits of personal training, but either can't make it to Downtown Oakland for personal training, or wants the added connivence of working out on their own schedule. After a quick consultation about your goals, my remote training process can be broken down into a simple two-step cycle.


Step 1 - Workout

After I learn about your goals I'll start sending you custom workouts via an app called Fitbot. Each exercise has an instructional video that walks you through the movement so new exercises are easy to learn. Unsure if your form is correct, or something just feels weird? Upload a video of yourself via Fitbot and I'll help you figure out what's wrong. With your own detailed workout plan, you'll feel more confident in the gym and start seeing results! 

Step 2 - Review

We'll have a scheduled video call regularly talk about how your workouts are going, check in on results, and discuss how to better work health and fitness into your lifestyle. Every body is different and our lives are always changing, so it's important that we find what's right for YOU! After that I'll update Fitbot, and we'll keep making progress on your goals.