About Me


Your body reflects your lifestyle

I "started working out" three or four times before it finally stuck. I went to the gym when I was excited about it, didn't really have a plan, and quit after a few weeks when I wasn't seeing the results I wanted. I didn't start to find real success in the gym until I started working out with someone who had truly made health and fitness part of their everyday life. We started setting measurable, trackable goals with due dates. Fitness became something we considered every day, and my attempts to bail were met with responses like "No problem, more gains for me!" I finally started seeing success once I had a real process. 

It's hard to quickly explain the benefits of finally feeling comfortable in your own skin, but I'd start with "life-changing", and anyone who's made health part of their lifestyle will tell you the same thing. I'm now an NASM certified trainer because I want you to experience this feeling. My goal is to help you hit your health and fitness goals, whatever they are. Together we'll start working towards the potential you've always had. Who's ready to work?